Disabled while the Vehicle is Flying

Hello - First post, have done a ton of reading and searching, trying to get my PX4 up and running on a rover.

I have upgraded the firmware and installed all my gear but QGroundControl for Mac won’t let me calibrate any sensors or my TX.

What I am seeing on those tabs is “Disabled while the Vehicle is in Flight”, however I don’t see any way to tell it that I am not actually in flight…


Likely a bug in QGC or firmware related to Rover and the “is flying” flag. Can you enter an Issue into GitHub with details and we can continue there.

Will do. I went back a few versions of QGroundControl and it let me calibrate, but can’t get it to run missions, getting a few different errors I can also try to log.

Might try upgrading now that I have it calibrated and see if that helps.

Any News? I have the same problem.

QGC 3.4.4
FW:Rover 1.8.1
Pixhawk 4

Sensor Setup (Disabled while the vehicle is flying)
No setup possible
extended_sys_state: vtol_state 0 landed_state 2

As I said in the Issue this needs to have an Issue created on the Firmware side since a Rover always sends status that it is in air which means a bunch of QGC functionality gets screwed up. https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/issues/7021

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Hitting the same issue so I bumped this on the firmware side( https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/issues/10969 ) just now.

Thanks Don! I’m just looking to be able to send a steering vector and throttle level to the FC via MavLink to control the vehicle to start. I understand there’s LOTS of work going on behind the scenes in the firmware and hoping our developers will start digging into more as we expend beyond getting this basic functionality working. I’ll also be pulling in IMU and battery sensor data over MavLink to feed into the neural network.

I’ll check to see when the nightly builds of QGC are available and if before 11p PST I’ll test tonight. Thanks!

I have been downloading the daily builds a few times each day for 3 days and I’ve seen no binary size difference and the app still blocks configuration changes due to “vehicle is flying” message for the Rover airframe.

I tried building QGC from the docker image but that didn’t go so well. Maybe after the holiday I can sit down and work through all the issues to build QGC and get the firmware working so I can then start working on ROS.

BTW, I followed the links from the PX4 web site to the downloads page and from there to the daily builds page. The text in the titlebar seem to indicate there are daily compiles but the switch to enable config changes on Rover airframe does not seem to be working.