Spektrum bind on IO board

Hello all,
I have an older model of px4 as shown in picture. It has been working well with an sbus input, but I have switched to a spektrum transmitter and now I am trying to connect a spektrum satellite receiver. The problem is that there is no light on the satellite receiver, and the qgroundcontrol shows no input. I tried with another spektrum compatible satellite receiver and the result was the same.
The satellite receivers work well without the px4 so the problem is not with them.
Any ideas on why would this happen?

Thanks in advance

In the past, I would bind the satellite connected to the Rx first to make sure it’s bound correctly. Sometimes I go as far as connecting servos to test. Once binding is confirmed, then I connect it directly to the FC and use QGC to calibrate. I don’t remember off the top of my head how many actual channels become available when it’s just the satellite is connected, i.e. if your Tx has more than eight channels, those upper channels may not work, but QGC should be able to confirm.

Good luck.