Receiver not connecting to or getting power from Pixhawk 4 mini

Hi, I am trying to integrate a pixhawk 4 mini into our fixed wing RC plane. We are currently having a problem with the new receiver we bought for it, a Spektrum SPM9745/9746 Remote Receiver. We have it connected to the Pixhawk 4 mini with a wire that came with the Pixhawk, a 3 pin connector that connects to the receiver to a 5 pin connector that connects to the Pixhawk RC IN port. (pictured)

When connected to the pixhawk (and when the pixhawk is connected to power, via USB, LiPo, and both), the receiver’s lights do not turn on and we can’t use the Spektrum bind function to bind the receiver to our transmitter. Not sure what the issue is here.
I’m wondering whether the wire we are using could be wired wrong like in these two threads that seem to have similar issues:
I’d like to confirm that swapping the red/yellow wires could work before I try, because I don’t think I have the tool I’d need to reattach the wires to the connectors in the right slots.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Try to connecting it to a regular Spektrum Rx like an AR610 or something that would accept a satellite Rx and see if it powers up and binds. If not, swap out the wires. In the past, I always bound the satellite with a Spektrum Rx then connecting it to the Pixhawk.

Good luck.