Spektrum receiver not working

Hi all…
I am facing a problem trying to get my Spektrum DX8 G2 working with PX4 firmware. The QGC is not able to see the receiver, it seems no signals are communicating.
In particular, I have bound the Spektrum DX8 G2 transmitter to the AR8010T receiver with a remote satellite connected on it. Then I see bring up the solid orange LED on both the AR8010T receiver and on the remote satellite. Unfortunately, switching to QGC I can’t get the receiver to communicate with the QGC (I have tried several configurations: i.e. AR8010T+remote satellite and remote satellite only). Clicking on calibrate button I got “Detected 0 channels”.

Firmware version: master (1.11)
Pixhawk version: 2.4.8

Is there anyone knowing about a firmware incompatibility or someone that was able to get a similar setup working?

Thanks in advance