Spektrum Satilite receiver

Unable to get it working. I have binded it with a Spektrum receiver OK. Then connected it to MiniPix. It flashes but will not connect back to same transmitter, I tried the bind to DSM2 in MP. Nothing happens.

Please add versions of the software that you’re using. Maybe add a picture of you’re wiring set-up. And describe exactly what you did in what steps. Otherwise, it’s very hard to know what you’re doing and to help you.

Julian, I traced the power and signal leads to make an adaptor for the Spektrum satellite receiver. I binded it to a 8 channel Spectrum transmitter with a Spectrum receiver.
According to instructions, that should be all that needs to be done to use a Spectrum satilite receiver and radio with the MiniPix. But, it does not work.
Neither MP or QGC have a setting that I can find to enable the use of a Spektrum satellite receiver. Am I missing something?
Software 3.6.7.

Are you using ArduPilot? Or PX4?

MiniPix is Ardupilot compatible. I have Q Ground Control and Mission PIlot on the computer. Am using another MiniPix with a Radiolink satellite and its S9 transmitter in a heli. Just no luck getting the Spektrum to work.

This forum is for PX4 so people can mostly help with PX4. If you try flashing PX4 latest master and it still doesn’t work, we can try to debug it but that would be the first step.

MiniPix, despite the name, doesn’t have a PX4 firmware available afaik - so this one probably needs to be taken to discuss.ardupilot.org