Small 4G module/controller

I am interested in using 4G/3G/2G connection for telemetry mostly. I have not enough space for Raspberry Pi + USB modem, so need something more compact.

I’ve found some 4G modules with UART connection, like 4G GSM/GPRS/GPS TTL MODEM-SIM7600E, but they are all come with GPS, which is large and redundant (we have already separate GPS).

I would prefer using Linux for this offboard controller. Though ready-to-use solutions on any other OS, like nuttX, also may be possible.

Ideally, if controller can also take video via CVBS input and store it on microSD card. There is no strict requirement for good video compression, because I don’t expect strong signal in my area of interest in any case and probably can’t stream video.

Any advices are appreciated.