Pixhawk and 4G telemetry


Since i have one Raspberry Pi Zero waiting for purpose of life, then i was thinking why not to use it with 4G telemetry.

As I understand at Raspberry, I can use for example mavlink-router to fetch info from pixhawk and expose it to the public interface of 4g stick.

But how to fetch it with qgroundcontrol? As far as i know, i can not force QGC to connect to some specific ip address. Should i use for example mavproxy to fetch mavlink packets from the drone and then proxy this information to localhost where QGC knows to look this information?


FWIW, you could go into the Settings of QGC and checkout the Comm Links-Section. You should be able to add specific connections there.

Otherwise you use this service: https://uavmatrix.com/

Since i have all the needed hardware and during the winter we have long and dark nights, then i decided to build it by myself. :wink:

@kpihus If you know the ip of your ground control station you can stream it to port 14550 so qgroundcontrol can listen to it

Install Zerotier on your PiZero!
It is a free VPN that works amazingly in all situations I encountered (5G, 4G, 3G, MEC Servers, Cloud)

The best part is the (almost) zero-configuration setup!

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Look there , I successfully tested LTE telemetry and video streaming

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As a member of dronecode, cuav is currently engaged in the research of cloud UAV, and now has provided a complete system and software based on 4G UAV. Take a look at our website


Nice to meet you. Reply to lte link se I am a user. At the above site, I could not update the firmware when I initialized the lte link se. Relevant firmware and software site sharing is required.

@hansung Please contact CUAV staff: lindy@cuav.net