LTE-Module for pixhawk

hi all, i have two questions.

First, i am new with the pixhawk and the autopilot. Are there some other, more detailed documentations about the architecture of the fligh stack software or the pixhawk in general? I already read the devGuide and searched a lot with google.

Second, I am looking for LTE-Modules which are supported by the pixhawk autopilot.
I’d like to communicate over the LTE-Network instead using Wifi or radio. On the pixhawk-hompeage, i saw that the hardware supports the TOBY LTE Modem. Are there already some driverlib’s? However, i am looking for a stay alone LTE-Modul with sim-slot (like a LTE-Dongle,), so that i could connect the autopilot to the internet. I don’t want to use an additional board like a raspberry pi.
Has anyone already implemented something like this or maybe some experience, documentations?

Thank you

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Hello! Even I am wondering the same thing. There are many LTE modems available in the market that communicates over UART. I am wondering why Pixhawk shows only this particular u-blox tobby modem? Do they have driver support implemented in Pixhawk itself?

Add my voice to the inquisitive quire!

hei folks

We’ve set up a LTE-Link with the toby l210 module using the pixhawk controller. It’s more or less stable yet but still under development. Now I’ve some general questions, I’m not so familiar with the whole px4 flight stack. We’ve written a driver and simple connected a new mavlink instance using the nsh.
So if I lose the connection to my cellular-network and so to QGC, how do i set the px4 into the rc-lost mode if I don’t want to plug in my frysky telemetry? Does that happen automatically?

Hey - would you mind sending a pull request for the driver? In general what you want is data link failsafe, not RC failsafe:

You might want to check out Sky Drone FPV 2. Our system transmits video and MAVLink over the LTE network. We have a tutorial for QGroundControl setup:

Hi there,
I’m interested in learning if PX4 has been working on LTE integration. Cellular connectivity would be incredible. This would offer real-time health indicators and potentially video display as well. @LorenzMeier can you comment on if there has been any momentum on this.

looks good, Made in China not gonna cut it for us

we are working a build and going to do this enterprise skynode evaluation

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