Dual Cammera/Quadcopter Dev Kit

Hi all,
My company is now producing a raspberry development kit with suitable for quadcopter , multicopter , single copter…
This board includes:
Dual Camera (option - for computer vision and position hold) which can measure position in 3d space
Gps - sonar other sensor (only connectors)
Mpu 6000 SPI connection (for fast and reliable );
Pi 3 (25 gram) remove unnecessary connectors
microSD type III with include software package.
Customized Brushless motor (with integrated Hall sensor to measure exactly RPM of motor).
Snapdragon flight kit is similar to our board and now available but it is still not completed and hardly to use to control.
I would like to ask wheter you guys like this board? it it suitable for your need? Which hardware part you don’t like or unnecessary.
We are planning to sell at price 100-200$ . Which cost it suitable for you?
Any comment is welcome. All your opinions are important to us.