Pixracer and 4g Telemtry

I am looking into small footprint 4g telemetry. There are numerous options for larger footprints 4g telemetry. For example

erle-brain 3

Pixhawk that connect to a pi with 4g dongle

4Gmetry based on odroid with 4g dongle

Now, since the pixracer is similar to the pixhawk,
A much smaller footprint, racingdrone over 4g telemetry should be possible by connecting a pixracer to a pi zero or other small linux board over uart that has the 4g dongle. Ideally a 36x36 pi computer that is stackable with pixracer.

Or the firmware og pixracer/pixhawk should get a 4g connection option build in.

Is there anyone that has interest in figuring out if this can work using a pixracer board with a single board computer in most minimalistic footprint possible?
I was think of the Pi Zero+ with a 4g dongle or even smaller versions with a 4g dongle to save weight and get the smallest 250 size 4g controlled drone.

This is a super relevant topic. Have you also looked at the software stack? What is going for the Raspberry Pi Zero is a very mature Linux support and an ecosystem of peripherals.