4G telemetry for Pixhawk

Hey guys !

I am a newbie in drone world. I’ m resourcing about my thesis. So, I have a few questions about pixhawk. I want to control my drone from a companion computer. I want to do whatever I will do, from a computer (like FPV, tracking or follow me). Every data that will process must process in companion computer. I want to connect my drone to base via LTE. So, I want to use public LTE networks and overcome the limited range problem. Here comes my questions,

  1. Can pixhawk communicate via LTE network to base? (I saw a lot of example with Raspberry and APM but not with pixhawk) What are the additional devices for it ? (I saw ublox link in pixhawk website, but the link is dead :frowning: )

  2. If I want to add FPV Camera on my drone for real time streaming, Can I send video data with same device ?

  3. Can I integrate pixhawk with SIM900 ? Can I use for these 2 things (FPV and control orders) ? Is it enough ?

  4. What are your recommends for me ? I need LTE telemetry for my drone. I didn’t chose the control card. I resourced about 4G telemetry. There is a lot of videos but nobody tells HOW ? Which control card and additional device are suitable for my goal ?

I know that I want a lot of answer. But a link that you comment can be helpful for me. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

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a lot easier just to do this… http://4gmetry.voltarobots.com/

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You might also want to check out Sky Drone FPV 2. It streams video and data over LTE out of the box and is optimized for MAVLink.

Hi there. I can´t find much documentation and experiences about this module. So what are you capable to do with this? I get the picture from 4Gmetry website and I can see a FrSky receiver there… I´m really confused. If you are using 4g telemetry unit, why would you need an RC receiver ??

yes you would still want a FrSky RX as a primary flght control…they are very cheap so why wouldnt you

Can´t you do primary flight control trough 4G telemetry? That´s the issue I have. What´s is the difference between primary flight control and telemetry?

Be carefule. 4Gmetry does not support PX4 flight stack but Ardupilot in Pixhawk.
You can make this device just via installing gstreamer, mavproxy on Odroid XU4.

Is there any documentation for this??

@cumbaba10 If you have a companion computer with the pixhawk, using 4G for telemetry / LTE is quite straight forward.

You can use mavlink-router to route your telemetry and use gstreamer to stream video over LTE and to QGC

Can I use mission planner? Is there any documentation?

How to use mavlink router and gstreamer?

I’ve pixhawk 2.1 cube and RPi 3. Currently I’m using it for Mavproxy and dronekit python.
I need to connect pixhawk to mission planner using LTE for long range.

Please share a link or documents if you have any.


@rijun034 The links are inlcuded in my answer

Anybody able to achieve this successfully with the PX4 stack?

@crisdeodates I would say it is quite widely used, and it is more of a problem of routing mavlink packets rather than related to the PX4 flight stack itself.

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Hi , i wrote this article here

I use 4G LTE modem connect to companion computer RPI 3 and Apsync. I can receive telemetry and video streaming. The raspberry is connected to telemetry port and work as gateway to send data in ethernet

@Dpatella, one of the most wanted guides… Thank you so much

Thank , i will try to post a next article where to show some configuration script and the first outdoor test

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