Simplertk2b + heading

Hi all,

Is it possible to use the SimpleRTK2B+heading to get heading in PX4? I am going to fly in an area with extensive magnetic disturbances, so I need to get the yaw from GPS. In PX4 it says that this is only possible with the Trimble MB-Two, but it still seems to be possible with the SimpleRTK2B.

I am using the ProfiCNC Black Cube with PX4 1.10.1, and I have one each of SimpleRTK2B and SimpleRTK2BLite. I have set the EKF2_AID_MASK to include GPS Yaw Fusion. The SimpleRTK2B is connected as the main GPS in the GPS2 port, while the Lite is connected as secondary gps in the TELEM2 port.

With this configuration I am getting positions, but the yaw is still affected when I move the Cube. Nothing happens when I move the gps antennas (mounted on a stick with 1m distance).

How can I make PX4 prioritise the yaw from GPS?

Hi, I am planning to experiment the same, is it worked for you.