How to use PX4 without magnetometer?

Hi all,

px4 1.11 beta2+, px4_fmu-v2

I would like to use px4 without magnetometer, but with RTK GPS heading from one receiver with two antennas for yaw instead.
Heading is parsed from HDT nmea and is correctly set to heading filed of vehicle_gps_position_s (I’ve checked it). According to this I’ve set set bit position 7 in EKF2_AID_MASK to 1 and EKF2_MAG_TYPE to 5 (None).

But QGC is still showing course by magnetometer.
When I set CAL_MAG0_EN to 0 px4 stops sending attitude and local postion and QGC doesn’t show any course. SYS_HAS_MAG 0 doesn’t influence on anything (I suppose it is only related to arming checks, right?)

I expected to see and use yaw from RTK GPS heading instead of magnetometer.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Same issue here. Could you solve it in the meantime?

We have the same issue. We want to use the cube with all mags disabled. We get errors when we try.