SimpleRTK2B Heading RTK (with correction) configuration


I’m trying to get PX4 to work with 2 simplertk2b in RTK + Heading configuration.

I followed the tutorial on the PX4 site which asks to connect the UART1 of the 2 simplertk2b to the flight controller (fmuv5x in my case).

I then connected the RX of the UART2 of one card to an xbee which receives the correction, and the TX of this same card to the RX of the other.
So I have on the 2 cards the UART2 configured to do IN and OUT in RTCM3.

Regarding the configuration of my simplertk2b, I put the configuration provided by ardusimple called Rover_10Hz.

Is it good ?

(Px4 side I changed all the parameters explained in the tutorial).

Is this configuration correct?

Has anyone ever done this?

@dazKinduBlox ZED-F9P support (not enough explanation)

Thank you