Second GPS, PX4 and QGC


I have external GPS module which could provide the NMEA messages. It also gives HDT with heading (yaw) by dual antenna functionality. Beside the primary GPS ( I want to feed the NMEA messages into the CubeBlack running PX4 (or Arducopter) firmware with QGC for replacing/lowering the yaw angle weight of compass because of strong magnetic field environment in my application.

Does anyone have experience on this? Thanks in advance.


I am looking at using a dual antenna setup to get the yaw angle, as I will also have strong magnetic interference. What kind of module are you using? And how is your progress?

If you do go with this I highly recommend an L1/L2 modules like the U-Blox F9P with corresponding dual band antennas. RTK heading is useless without an RTK Fix and the single band (L1) modules like the M8P can take a long time to get RTK Fix and tend to drop back to RTK Float.

In addition you will need a pretty long baseline (0.5-1 meter separation between antennas)

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Thanks. I am actually working with the F9P, and a baseline of around 1m.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this means I will need 3 units, right? One for the base station and 2 on the UAV.

For just yaw you only need 2 units on the aircraft. This is called “moving baseline” mode and you do not need a ground station.

If you also add a ground station and get the high precision RTK global position.