DUAL RTK Heading system not working

I setup C-RTK 9ps as base station and C-RTK 2HP as rover station, this setup perfectly working for RTK position system and I’m able to get 3D RTK Lock mode at GPS section. The only problem facing is I don’t know how to utilize C-RTK 2HP as heading system. Earlier the same setup worked with Ardupilot firmware by refering official guide users-manual · C-RTK系列GNSS. Currently I’m using PX4 v1.13.0 firmware version.
I set below params to setup to enable heading system,
UAVCAN_ENABLE = sensor Automatic config
EKF2_AID_MASK = 7 [Use GPS, GPS yaw fusion]

But with this setup Flight controller is still using magnetometer as heading and not considering RTK information for yaw estimation.
I followed ARK RTK GPS | PX4 User Guide (main) this guide to setup RTK with CAN interface. I’m not understand moving base and rover setup section here. Apart from this i setup all params. Kindly suggest me any parameter i need to tweak in order to enable RTK heading system.
Thank you