[Help] TinyRTK Tutorial?!


i need a tutorial for the TinyRTK module on the rover side. i am using the correct pins between GPS port on pixhawk side and uart on tinyrtk side. but QGC shows me zero satellites. Did anybody get it to work?

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What does gps status in the mavlink console output?
If you see that it’s not even recognizing the module, you probably have a UART problem.

Drotek’s documentation is not very clear on this, but you need to make sure that the module is configured in rover mode. This only affects how the UART pins are connected.

Depending on when you bought the module, I believe you might either have a switch on the board or a solder bridge. The solder bridge needs to be connected for the rover port to work.

Alternatively, you can also just use the TELEM port, where you will have to switch the RX/TX pins.

Thanks a lot! I have not looked in this thread for a while. I found out by myself to use the telem port without soldering. is this also ok or is it not using the correction data this way?

If you switch RX/TX as appropriate, it’s fine.

jep. thats what i have done :wink: