SIK Radio Telemetry - Very slow - Removing ECC made big difference


We have been suffering very slow connection rates with SIK Radio Telemetry, upwards of 30s for the initial parameter download. We are using them in a Pixhawk2.1 with 1.7.3 firmware.

Last time we used these radios it was in a Pixhawk 1 ( we have been using pixracers in the in between period) and I remember having a reasonable quick parameter download then.

I have read in some Ardupilot forums that ECC was related to the issue,

So have disabled it setting
as explained here:

This has made a huge difference, now parameter download takes less than a couple of seconds…

Of course disabling ECC (Error correction checking) is a bit of a worry, so just wondering:
Anyone has experience disabling ECC ?

Another suggestion in threads is to keep ECC enabled but reducing the serial baudrate to half of the airdate ( ECC increases the amount of data sent apparently).
However I’m reluctant to do that as I don’t know how to change baud rate in QGControl or wether it as autodetect?
Any thoughts on this second option ?

Lastly I’m wondering it this issue has just appeared because the volume of mavlink data been sent is much larger? We are using more sensors now. … vision navigation, px4flow

Is this issue ever solved ?
I have mounted 4 TF-luna’s and since then Telem 2 is fully occupied.I moved the Luna’s (lidars ) to telem 1.
The luna’s work fine on Telem 1 , but not on Telem 2.
And now i cannot connect Minimosd to Telem 2 because of this slow data rate.(on the Pixhawk port Telem 2)