FC can not comunicate properly via telem

Hi all,
I have pixhawk (fmu v2) and it comunicate good with qgc and mavros via usb. But I need to use it with mavros for offboard control. I made it from example from site with gazebo, code ran good. When I connected pixhawk via telem1 (default baudrate 57600) and radio telemetry 433mHz and run mavros observed strange behawiour. For example when I tried to read data from IMU (rostopic echo /mavros/imu/data or data_raw) values from accelerator was zero. QGC connect with pixhawk properly. I change radio telemetry for USB-UART converter to comunicate with telem1 - the same behaviour.
With USB connection I can read linear acceleration properly.
With other baudrate QGC didn’t connect to pixhawk and by subscribe /mavros/imu/data topic I didn’t obtain any data (but qrt_graph show like there was published data).
The same at telem2. I set parameters from Companion Computer for Pixhawk Series | PX4 User Guide
and both: QGC didn’t connect, mavros didn’t obtain data form pixhwak.
I need it to fly offboard with telemetry radio module (or companion computer).
Now I am confused and have no idea what should I do next.
Thanks in advance for help
This was my first post :slight_smile: Hope not to large, but I wanted describe it fully.