SDLog2 stops logging after takeoff


I am working on the Zeta Phantom FX-61 wing with Pixhawk. It seems the sdlogger stops logging after I manually takeoff. The situation is the same always. Any thoughts? I couldn’t find any params or something in the sdlog2.c about this.


Do you get a partial log or no log at all?
Can you check the messages in QGroundControl? It should say logging starting and the filename.

Which firmware version and autopilot?

hi, thanks for yout answer, i had a partial log and when i give thrust manually and takeoff, the log stopped. the autopilot is pixhawk px4 v1.3.2.

Can you try the latest stable version v1.5.5? First update QGroundControl, then use it to flash your pixhawk.

Tried and that worked. Thanks.