S500 V2 uncontrollable when taking off


I recently bought a s500 v2, running with pixhawk4. I calibrated it following the manual and using QGroundcontrol. Only when I try to take off it is uncontrollable, spins like hell and crashes.

See the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lWVzV4KQkaP5r8v4NEQhsgsZta66oEwG/view?usp=sharing
(sorry if it hurt your eyes)

What we tried so far:
-Using different flight modes
-Using different airframe settings in QGroundcontrol
-We checked the motors and propellors and tried different positions/directions
-We tried PID tuning (however we’re not sure if we did it correctly, anyone has advice on how to do this the easiest way?)

I tried looking on the forum and found some more people with the same problem. Unfortunately none of the answers given solved our problem…

Thanks for your time

Oh, I’m sorry that this didn’t fly as expected! :frowning_face:

Could you share a log? You can get the ulog file from the SD card, upload it to logs.px4.io and then share the link here. Thx.