Flying Wing Autonomous Mission Flight


I am working with the Zeta Phantom FX-61 with Pixhawk and want to make it fly in mission mode. I create mission plan with 1 waypoint being loiter type and specified the radius and the altitude. I manually takeoff and everything is good about manual flight but when I switch to mission mode in the air via RC mode switch, it aggressively descends and I reswitch to manual mode. What may be the reason for this behaviour? I repeatedly try with calibration steps but no success. Also, the sdlog2 stops to log just after I manually takeoff, so the logs are all about preflight.

Any ideas?


Nothing to see but the only log is :
It stops after takeoff.

I think the first step will be to get logging working. Can you check the sdcard directly? There should be other files that could help.

Do you only have a single loiter waypoint, or is there a takeoff waypoint first?

OK, i will check the sd card files, i had no takeoff point, only 1 waypoint type of loiter.

Hi @dagar, I have checked the SD card and there is a folder named Sess04 and seems the log continues there:

Hi @dagar ,

My log is :

I changed the default takeoff altitude to a higher value and the autonomous mission flight was awesome.

Glad to hear it! Looks like a very clean loiter once you got into it.

Right :slight_smile: was a clean flight.