Rover does not work (does not move) in version 1.14

Hi, I am trying to use my rover with the new version 1.14 of PX4, but after a correct configuration, including PWM, the PWM output of the motors does not vary when moving the throttle joystick.

I have encountered numerous people with the same problem, no one can move the rover with RC input or joystick. Apparently it is a bug that everyone is experiencing, it seems to be missing parameters or the rover module in this new version.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem to be able to use PX4 1.14 in a rover? If there is no solution, do you know the date of a new release to fix this bug?

Thank you very much in advance.

Finally, I solved it with the help of @eogks8921

To solve this problem: you need to write CONFIG_MODULES_ROVER_POS_CONTROL=y in default.px4board (of your specific board) and build again. If you face some kind of memory error, delete no use modules.