Status on Px4 rover

Hi guys,

I have a Pixhawk 4 from holibro that I would like to use in rover mode with Px4.
After flashing it and trying both configurations (Traxxas and generic rover), I couldn’t have it working because it seems that I’m not receiving any PWM out (my setup is fine because it works when trying ardurover).

I searched and found those issues:

no pwm output in rover mode

[NO PWM SIGNAL OUT - Pixhawk (Rover)]

Last comment from @ aogrcs says that “Hi, I tested PWM output for Rover using CUAVv5, 1.8.2 stable. I found the output of throttle was between 160mv and 240mv. Is this correct? Thanks” but no one replied.

Any status on Px4 rover support in general, any support for Pixhawk 4 in particular?

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