Rotation in yaw when entering AUTO.LAND

When switching from Offboard mode to AUTO.LAND via /mavros/set_mode service, the drone will yaw to a value that doesn’t immediately make sense to me. Does someone know why this yaw setpoint is changing and how to prevent it from happening?


Are you on PX4 v1.14.-rc1 . Kindly share your log file

Hi, thanks for your response.

Here is my log:


You have a v. good battery chemistry. What is the battery capacity and prop size

Thanks! It’s a 6S LiPo, 10in props

I see that during landing the drone shifts to position mode and then to land mode again. Do you get GPS from ground position or can you take off the drone using position mode becos for position mode to be active you require GPS .

Edit-1 Also please check this post …may be related …

Are you referring to timestamp 0:53.5? If so that occurs after the yaw movement I’m interested in.

The yaw movement occurs at timestamp 0:32.6, at the switch from OFFBOARD to LAND