Drone hops/accelerates upwards on landing


PX4 v1.8.0

My problem: I trigger AUTO.LAND mode while in OFFBOARD mode. The mode transition works fine and the drone begins its descent toward the ground. Sometimes, when the drone makes contact with the ground, it hops upwards. In worse cases, it begins to slowly rise without stopping or attempting to “re-land”. In several of these cases, PX4 seems to have already detected landing, and these anomalies occur in the time between “land detected” and when COM_DISARM_LAND triggers disarm.

A smattering a logs where the problem occurred. You can see that the local position measurements blow up (and in some cases correct themselves). Similarly, the roll, pitch, and yaw estimates become extremely erroneous when the drone (presumably) hits the ground.

Which PX4 parameters should I adjust to alleviate this issue? What other helpful data can I provide to you?