Yaw Rotate when Landing

I am using a Pixhawk 4 FMUv5, and I am flying a Multi-Copter under Offboard flight mode with geometric controller. The firmware version is 1.11.1.

During Offboard mode, the Multi-Copter works fine. But when the Multi-Copter switch from Offboard mode to Land Mode, the Multi-Copter rotates around the z axis unexpectedly (for about 90 degrees), and then quickly rotate back to yaw = 0.

Here I attached my flight log. The multi-copter switches to the Land mode with the mavros_msgs::SetMode service. Here I set the mode keyword in SetMode variable to “AUTO.LAND”.

By the way, I used the /mavros/setpoint_raw/attitude as command input during the Offboard, and didn’t turn it of when switching to Land Mode.

Any ideas how I can fix this yaw rotation issue?

Here are my Flight logs. (Just the Yaw and Yaw Rate Records)