replace obsolete Jiyi K3A flight controller

Hello everyone and thanks for your help.
I beg your help

Please inform how to replace obsolete Jiyi K3A flight controller with a new controller such as the following:

  1. Durandal is a new flight controller designed by Holybro
  2. CUAV V5 + Autopilot

FC JIYI K3A is discontinued. They are flight controllers whose software is proprietary and only work in Windows.
I am a farmer from Ecuador-South America and my crop is the coconut palm.

Buy a drone in china to spray coconut palms and very unstable.
Chinese agricultural drones are developed for low crops such as rice and the maximum fumigation height is 3 meters high in crops such as sugar cane.

Chinese flight controllers for agricultural spraying are not designed to spray 30 meters above sea level in coconut palms facing the sea in strong winds.

I beg your help

I need to remove the jiyi K3A flight controller by an open source controller the most stable and secure.

I completely eliminate spray fumigation and my new project is to do the treatment with thermal fogger machine.

I have already managed to adapt an American fogging machine under the drone.
thanks for your help

Good day, a good flight controller is the mRo control zero…, tiny fc and very customizable… 3 imu and updated sensors, it’s really a diy fc coz you can customize it with all the cables you need…

thanks for your help