Newbie in trouble / Fabric flight controllers

Hello guys
Newbie here, and with a serious problem. I am in my 6th year of secundair school ICT& Engineering.
Formy last year test I had to choose a project that had ties with Engineering and the more programming part.

So I have chosen to make a drone. well, actually to be correct, a FPV drone.
I did some serious research, and I made a big mistake. I bought my Brushless motors, ESC, PDB, transmitter+receiver. Radio controller and so on. But I also bought a flight controller.I didn’t realised the programming part is is that specific part. So after is realised it I did some researchon the web about programming a flight controller. All the websites are all about using arducopter and shiz, but I now that arduino itzelf is way too slow for FPV purpose. So I wonder if its to possible to do like a reprogram on a fabric flight controller, because these things are optimized for the purpose they are sold.

I know what I am trying to do is i guess totally impossible, but feel free to give me tips to make a drone myself, and give its own code.

Not sure i fully understand your problem but as long as you have access to the source code of the firmware inside you should be able to reprogram any flight controller.

Is there anything wrong with your flight controller?

+1. Be it px4, Arducopter or BetaFlight, the flight code is open source. Beta flight is in C, the others C++, and all run on stm32, so not limited by arduino. By fabric I assume you mean fpga, and yes, this is possible and has been achieved by others (ocpoc runs px4 or Ardupilot for instance).

So I need to fully program a drone, no defaults program, is that possible with all flight controllers with USB?

So, Ihave the Naze F3 flight controller, and for school I fully need to remake a source code for it, with what APP/ Program is this possible?

PX4 doesn’t run on the F303.
Look up Hackflight, ROSFlight or Betaflight.

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Ok, so to make it short, I need to use Hackflight/Rosflight/Betaflight to like Throw away the Source code already embedded in the Ready-To-Fly FC, and Try to get inside de Already optimzed FC? Wonder how that would be possible. On the internet I only see guys using Arduino/Teensy. Why da fuck are there no people in this world that think like me. Why buying an expensive Micro-Controller that is not optimzed for UAV’s, if its was possible, hack an 100% Working Flight Controller, and put your own Code inside it.

Damn,never expected making an UAV could be so difficult

Writing the flight code is only part of it. The lower level stuff like sensor drivers is critical- which is why I suggested some existing projects that are more likely to run on the cheap flight controller you’ve bought. These drivers have been written by people who know what they’re doing, which might give you some chance to do your own flight code. Good luck - sounds like you’ll need it.