Is mRo Control Zero F7 the best flight controller?

Is mRo Control Zero F7 the best flight controller?

is it also the most stable?

Why would it be? It can be the smallest maybe, but without isolated sensors I doubt it (IMU/Baro)

I beg your help
can you help me which would be the best flight controllers and the most advanced?

@kerococoec what are your goals for this hardware? what are you looking for? there’s not a flight controller out there that is the “absolute best”, each has it’s benefits, and place in the community. Here’s two links, I hope they help:

I am a farmer in Ecuador South America.
I have a coconut palm plantation
I have been trying for 10 years if someone in the world helps me build a drone to spray coconut palms
In 2018 I acquired an agricultural drone in China that would save my plantation.
The drone did not work.
the thermal fogger machine was on fire at all times
I almost lost the drone in the fire.
K3A Flight controller is unstable at 30 meters high with constant winds
I need a stable and safe flight controller for oceanfront flights at 30 meters high with constant winds
In this forum one person recommends controlzero to me, another person says that it is not the best for my application
I’m confused
Thanks for your help

I’m not sure how to help @kerococoec, did you look at the options on the pixhawk website?

What autopilot software are you running?

fc controller: K3A … jiyiuav…China obsoleto

software: assistan2…jiyiuav. China