Advice on replacing JIYI K3A pro FC with Pixhawk FC?

Hi Brains Trust,

I am seeking your advice on replacing my FC on an AG drone (10 litre capacity) with a Pixhawk or similar?

Current Specs:
4 - HobbyWing Pro X8 Motors
1 - JIYI K3A Pro FC with dual GPS
1 - SIYI VD32 Receiver and Transmitter with dual antenna’s (apparently compatible with Mavlink)
1 - HobbyWing water pump
1 - JIYI terrain radar

JIYI software used : IFly and Agri Assistant

The drone operates well, but it has several limitations/frustrations that I need to overcome.

  1. I am spraying on steep terrain with variable ground level and tree heights. It is a complex operation. The software works well on flat terrain with uniform crop height.
  2. The IFly software permits you to create a plan and/or manually commence an operation BUT it does not save a log (snail trail) of flight details. So you don’t know where you have been if you are flying manually.
  3. The Agri Assistant software does not allow you to manually commence an operation. You are restricted to a planned route BUT it does save a log.
  4. Both software does not allow you to plan your route based on a clear earth image. It uses google earth, but the image quality is poor and the actual boundary points (geofence) can be inaccurate.

I really require an FC that permits either a manual / semi automatic operation that saves a snail trail log. The ability to geofence a flight area and then fly within would be useful as well.

Ideally I would like to be able to simply plug in the terrain radar, water pump, motors and receiver into another FC and away I go. I know it wont be that simple.

What FC could do the job?
Appreciate any advice you may have so I can to overcome my limitations/frustrations.

Thank you.