Raspberry Pi 4B Ubuntu 22.04 as companion computer installing px4

I am trying to follow the guideline from px4 webpage Raspberry Pi Companion with Pixhawk | PX4 自动驾驶用户指南 (main) to setup my environment of RspPi-4B, and meeting some problem.

My enviorement:

  • Raspberry Pi 4B installed with Ubuntu Desktop 22.04.3 LTS
  • Pixhawk 6C

MAVLINK communication works fine between px4 and Rsp. However when I try to going to step 2: install px4 on Rsp following the guideline ROS 2 用户指南 | PX4 自动驾驶用户指南 (main), when doing `bash ~/PX4-Autopilot/Tools/setup/ubuntu.sh, the following 2 dependencies could not be found by apt,
- g+±multilib
- gcc-multilib
and therefore the installation stops…

Does anyone successfully installed the px4 on Rsp4b-Ubuntu_22.04?
Thank you!

Hi @chehan-git
Apologies for the confusion: installing PX4 is only needed if you want to build the firmware, either for simulation or for flashing it on a flight controller.

If you just want to use your Raspberry as companion computer, then you can perform compilation, flashing, etc on a different workstation. The Raspberry only needs the MicroXRCE-DDS agent and, if you need to run your ROS2 code on the Raspberry, ROS2.

Hi Benja,
Thank you for your hints, that is helpful. Now I have successfully tried out with the example workspaces, ws_sensor_combined and the ws_offboard_control.

Maybe a general hint in the guideline ROS 2 User Guide | PX4 User Guide (main) would be helpful, to the new guys like me, who just want to use RspPi as companion computer, so that he/she can skip the px4 installation and jump to the ros2 build up.