Raspberry Pi as Dev Computer for Pixhawk


Is it possible to use a Raspberry Pi as the development computer for PX4 and compile/upload the code to be flashed to a Pixhawk?

I followed the tutorials here and here, but when I try to compile to code using make px4fmu-v3_default, I receive a bunch of compiler errors such as
Unterminated quoted string
Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!.

I also tried the same thing using make nuttx_px4fmu-v3_default and received the same errors. Most of what I have read so far seems to be talking about using the Raspberry Pi either as the flight controller or as a companion computer, neither of which I want to do.


it is recommanded to use ubuntu 16.04. i think it is possible to do it with a rpi but u can expect a week of configuration and labor, i wouldnt recommand

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Hi Lyris,

Thanks for the feedback. I know that Ubuntu is the recommended distribution, do you know what type of things are missing from the Raspberry Pi that are causing these issues?

Are my issues with the Raspberry Pi hardware or with the default Raspbian OS? I would be just as happy to switch operating systems. I am really just hoping to be able to use the Raspberry Pi hardware as it is really small and light weight.

If this is not possible, do you have any recommendations on other hardware that I could use that is of similar size? I am somewhat flexible on this, but I do not want to go to a full blown laptop if that is not necessary.


Just an update for anyone interested:

I tried installing Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry Pi, but I am running into the same problems as before. The code will not compile which tells me that the problem is not with the operating system, but with trying to compile on the ARM processor of the RPi.

I am going to look into the Intel NUC as an alternative. Unfortunately it is a lot more expensive and larger than the RPI, but I think I will have more success on the Celeron Processor (Iā€™m still cheap :slight_smile:)