PX4 installation

I’m trying to install PX4 and launch a simulation with sitl… but I couldn’t finish the installation.
I checked the ROS was successfully installed, but when I checked dependency, I got a error message about sympy version.

It’s saying "Could not find a version that satisfieds the requirement sympy>=1.10.1 … "
I did some googling, but I couldn’t find similar issue.

Can anyone help me out??? :frowning:

Hello, did you fix that ? I met the same problem

Hello everyone, I encountered this same problem, and I found a solution that allows my targets of interest to build, one of which is px4_sitl_default, which I am guessing that you may be using. I can run jmavsim, though on some of the machines I have tested this, Gazebo has trouble opening…my new issue may be unrelated to this current one, so I am sharing in hopes something works for you.

I am running Ubuntu 18.04, which uses python 3.6 by default. However, sympy 1.10.1 requires python 3.8 at minimum. I tried upgrading to python 3.8, but had considerable trouble making that work successfully.

A Few Solutions

  1. Staying on Ubuntu 18.04: I moved the sympy requirement to the optional-requirements.txt file similar to what is described in this closed issue on the github repo; the symforce package was causing similar problems, and it turns out that it is not necessary for building.
  2. Migrating to Ubuntu 20.04: Because Ubuntu 20.04 ships with python 3.8, I did not see this error when testing out the toolchain installation and build process on 20.04.

After following the above operation, another Fail appears when running ubuntu.sh again.

“Failed building wheel for pillow”

…? wheel…? for pillow…?


Although I still don’t know what the wheel and pillow mean.

$ sudo apt-get install libjpeg-dev zlib1g-dev
$ pip3 install Pillow
$ sudo pip install -U setuptools

I just followed the spell of a wizard on StackOverFlow.
Only then was I able to execute the tool chain installation magic spell

Firmware$ bash ./Tools/setup/ubuntu.sh