[PixHawk 4 Mini] Unable to get heartbeat

Hi all,

I am new to PX4. I have a PixHawk 4 Mini hooked to an Odroid XU4 as a companion computer.

I am trying to set up a MAVLink connection between my computer and the companion computer (in order to later use the drone in OFFBOARD mode)

When running the MAVROS node on the Odroid, I get this:

From experience, I expect to see
[ INFO] [...]: IMU: High resolution IMU detected!
but it never comes.

I followed the guide to set up a companion computer here, and set the PX4 parameters as specified, i.e.:

  • MAV_1_MODE = Onboard
  • SER_TEL2_BAUD = 921600

The Odroid is connected to the PixHawk through a FTDI on the UART&I2C B port.

My suspicion is that since PixHawk 4 Mini does not have a TELEM 2 port, I should set MAV_1_CONFIG to something else, but I cannot figure out what.

Is this an issue anyone has run into ?

Many thanks and a great week to all!

Shouldn’t you set MAV_1_CONFIG to TELEM 1 then?

I’m unfortunately already using the TELEM 1 port for telemetry.

If you don’t have enough UARTs you could split it on the companion computer using mavlink-router.