Query Regarding ESC calibration from QGC

Hello Team,

I am using QGC with PX4. I had a doubt reagrding ESC calibration using the power tab in QGC which has the ESC calibration option. The problem is whenever i try to calibrate the QGC message just says err about the battery being not connected even though all ESCs are on and the tone comes. Could you please help me regarding this? Also connecting the PX4 from battery and also from USB will it burn the board or the board has internal circuitry to reject the power coming from 2 sources?


Is the FC connected to the battery monitoring port (POWER1 or 2)?
A cable from the power management board to the FC does this.
If not it does not know the battery is connected.
Yes you can connect both the battery and USB.

Thanks a lot JIm! It worked!