ESC calibration not available in menu

We are using QGroundControl together with a pixRacer and a DJI F550 (Hexa AirFrame)
We do not have a PX4 power module that seems to be a prereq, rather we use a discrete resistor ladder. But QGroundControl reports 14V in from battery so it should be ok?
Why do we not see the calibration button?

If you are talking about ESC Calibration that does not exist for ArduPilot firmwares. If you are talking about voltage calibration you must fist select “Other” from the Power sensor dropdown and then it will show up.

Thx for the reply!
I am referring to ESC calibration. Newbie follow up question:
Should I use a different combination of firmware/flight control SW to calibrate?
Problem: The DJI when armed (through radio) and on minimum throttle, should the motors not be turned on and running (although slowly)? Now they get turned off with minimum throttle. Calibration issue?

You’ll have to ask firmware folks about that.

Hello, I have the same issue, i.e I can’t see the ESC Calibration menu.
I must have an ArduPilot firmware then, shall I flash a PX4 one instead?
Everything seems to work ok so far with QGC (the 4 motors are running when I do “take off” with QGC) but I have not yet mounted the propellers as I’m afraid that since I didn’t do the ESC calibration the drone might go crazy. Thanks for your advises in advance.

For ArduPilot you can use another gcs (Missionplanner, mavproxy etc) to do the esc calibration: it’s missing from QGC, not ArduPilot itself. For assistance with ArduPilot it’s better to ask at

@auturgy, thanks for taking time to answer. I don’t have access today to the drone but I guess I flashed the PX4 and not the Ardupilot. If so do you know why I wouldn’t be able to see the ESC calibration?

If you’ve followed the instructions here: and connected over USB only (no battery or telemetry), it should be there.
I’m not sure whether you can do calibration on the mobile platforms (iOS or Android): never tried that.

@auturgy, I’ve checked today and you help me to spot I 1st flashed Ardupilot instead of PX4. My mistake. ESC calibration is fine now after I flashed PX4. Really appreciate your suppport. Thank you!