ESC Calibration without power module


I have an issue with my Pixracer, which I want to use in a n Eflite Opterra 1.2m. In QGC in the configuration summary I’m told that my vehicle requires setup prior to flight. The only section marked red is power.
I think the issue is that I haven’t calibrated the ESC. And as far as I understand for calibration I would need a power module, which is not installed in my setup (I power the whole system through the ESC BEC with a special cable I configured. This actually works fine!). The ESC responds normally to RC commands in manual and stabilized mode.
So, how can I circumfere this configuration step? Or, do I have a completely different issue, and I just oversaw something?
In any case I uploaded a screenshot of my power configuration page of QGC.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards

I actually think that it’s rather complaining about the 0 in the ‘number of cells’ setting.

If the ESC calibration is still necessart: it should work just as well without a power module. Just connect your FC over USB to your computer/QGC, start the calibration and then power up the ESCs over the BEC.