QGC reading USB voltage as battery voltage?

I have an issue with my 3DR pixhawk mini - when I disconnect the battery to try to calibrate the ESCs, QGC displays no change in voltage input as if the battery hasn’t been disconnected at all. I think it’s just reading the input from the USB connecting it to my laptop. Does anyone have any idea how I can stop this from happening?
Thanks in advance.

This doesn’t have anything to do with QGC. QGC is just reporting values from vehicle. You should ask this question in a firmware forum.

Are u sure you are doing calibration in the right way?
The proper way is connect ur FCU to QGC through USB (only), and select ‘calibrate’, and till then connect battery (make sure propellers removed).

Yes, the ‘battery’ read out is displayed as the same whether the battery is connected or not therefore I can’t make the software show there isn’t a battery connected. Since posting I have find the battery indicator voltage is only 0.8 when I believe it has to be a minimum of 3.3 to boot the chip, I believe this may be causing the malfunction in the software (it is recieving 5.3V, the battery is all good) so I’m replacing the power module