Quadplane with Spektrum DX6 (not DX6i)

Can I setup a quadplane with a 6 Channel DX6 using a serial receiver? Also, is there a good diagram that shows the wiring for a pixhawk 4 and the servo connections for the control surfaces and forward flight motor.

Sorry for the basic questions… new to Pixhawk and VTOL’s.


I’m not familiar with what the DX6 comes with but you could probably get away with it but will only end up with three flight modes if you have a 3-position switch. Here are the channels you’ll need:

  • Aileron
  • Elevator
  • Rudder
  • Throttle
  • Transition Switch (2-pos)
  • Flight Modes (3-pos)

Good luck.

Thanks Rollys
I do have a three position switch + Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle + 2 programmable aux channels (Gear and Flaps).

I have the quad portion set up and flying correctly through the Motor signal connections 1-4 on the power management board, but not sure of the control surface and forward flight throttle wiring/setup. Are there any good videos or clear wiring diagrams out there?

It depends on the airframe type you’re building. There are pre-configured ones and you can look at generic and others.

Good luck.