Where's info on fixed-wing, two aileron channel setup?

Hi! We’re putting a PX4 into a fixed-wing aircraft model with one channel per aileron. Eventually we hope to be able to use the ailerons as both flaps and ailerons, i.e. +10 degrees down aileron on each side when flying slowly.

Can someone point me to online documentation about how to configure the PX4 accordingly? Can it be done within QGroundControl?

Should I connect ESC/servos into the power management board like this?
MAIN1: Throttle
MAIN2: Left Aileron
MAIN3: Elevator
MAIN4: Rudder
MAIN5: Right Aileron

In https://docs.px4.io/en/airframes/airframe_reference.html#plane there’s a plane Bormatec Maja
by Andreas Antener SYS_AUTOSTART = 2105 that at least has one channel per aileron. So that might be a starting point.

Once I figure this out I’ll happily add to the online documentation…


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I don’t yet have experience in setting up just an Airplane since all I’ve done are VTOL QuadPlanes. If your choice is the Bormatec Maja, I recommend you follow the wiring setup and then go from there:

Specific Outputs:
MAIN1: aileron
MAIN2: aileron
MAIN3: elevator
MAIN4: rudder
MAIN5: throttle
MAIN6: wheel
MAIN7: flaps

Good luck.

Bormatec Maja worked. We have had several successful flights in manual, stabilized and loiter mode so far. Next step: mission.

I have the same situation, having one servo for each aileron and flap (four servos). I would like to control/trim each independently, so I wish to add a second aileron and a second flap to the standard configuration. How do I do this such that the autopilot can identify which is right and left for autopilot purposes? Thanks.

See my previous post on the airframe to choose and how to wire up the servos.

Good luck.

Hi rollys, I need some help with the VTOL, connection, followed the pin setup given as in the following link but failing to get the ESC callibration done, would you be able to confirm whether we are doing everything right for VTOL, Quadplanes,

Generic Quadplane VTOL SYS_AUTOSTART = 13000

Specific Outputs:

  • MAIN1 : motor 1
  • MAIN2 : motor 2
  • MAIN3 : motor 3
  • MAIN4 : motor 4
  • AUX1 : Aileron 1
  • AUX2 : Aileron 2
  • AUX3 : Elevator
  • AUX4 : Rudder
  • AUX5 : Throttle

It’s best to calibrate ESCs directly connected to your Rx first to make sure it senses the endpoints.

Good luck.

Hi Rollys, using an AR7700 for this, what would be the throttle channel to calibrate separate? is that AUX1 or AUX2? Pls adv.

I have no experience with that particular Rx so I suggest you read and follow the Spectrum instructions. You can also contact Horizon Hobby tech support.

Good luck.