Controlling ESCs and servos simultaneously with PixHawk Mini?


Does anyone have experience with controlling ESCs and servos on a quadcopter with a Pixhawk Mini FC (in combination with QGC), a Spektrum DX6i transmitter and Spektrum Satellite (‘Remote’) receiver ?

A Spektrum DX6i transmitter has 6 dedicated RC channels: 1 to 4 are for moving the quadcopter (2 sticks), 5 and 6 are switches (flap and gear switches) and can be used for changing flightmode(s) and/or - I hope - servo’s/actuators.

Simply connecting servos to the 5th annd 6th output of the connector board (1 to 4 are the ESCs) does not work… I guess I’ll have to change some parameters in QGC. I’ve been looking in the doc, but being fairly new, I’m a bit lost in the MAIN and AUX ports.

Have a look here.
I think this article will help

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