Qgroundcontrol: Yaw not in radio set-up

Doing initial set-up in Qground/PX4 and the radio calibration does not do the Yaw stick movement with the yellow dots causing a Ch 4 failure to calibrate. Next attempt I simply moved the stick during the “move all switches” period and it was recognized.

What build are you using on what OS?

v.2.9.7b for Mac with PX4

I’ve encountered several other critical program issues with the setup but not sure where to post. I’m not a developer and I’ve already worn out Lorenz with questions.

Best place to post QGroundControl problems are here:

Give me a little bit and I’ll give you some things to try for RC setup. In the middle of something else.

Using the instructions here: http://www.qgroundcontrol.org/logging turn on logging for RadioComponentControllerLog. Then go through radio cal again. Save the log to somewhere public on the internet and post the link here.

Will do, thank you for the reply