YAW is not responding on QUADROTOR X


We are currently working on quadricopter X, we have setup the Pixhawk and bound our radio. When we monitor the Pixhawk on qgroundcontrol we see the Yaw stick moving but in reality nothing happens on the quadricopter. We tried Stabized/ main mode, Accro mode and Altitude control mode.

Do you have any idea to fix this problem, or what type of parameters we have to change?

Another problem is when we armed the Pixhawk the propeller are already turning. On APM we can disable this features but is it possible on Pixhawk,? We didn’t find any circuits breakers for that.

Thanks for your help.


I assume you have checked your Motor directions and mounted your Copter roughly as described here: http://px4.io/docs/1595-2/

If you try to rotate Yaw does the sound of the copter change?

One way to prevent the Props from spinning would be to lower the lower limit of PWM on Armed Mode. By Default this should be 1000.

This has been discussed already here: Can i stop motor spinning when arm


We have checked the propellers and the motors directions. It’s ok for that.

The problem might be the beginner mode as in APM? Indeed we constat that the quadcopter goes in diagonal when we test the Roll. So can we disable it?

Any other idea?

Thank you for your help.

Nobody have an idea?


If you post a log here: http://logs.uaventure.com/
someone may be able to identify the problem.