QGroundControl says "parameters missing from firmware"

I just got my PixRacer from auav.com and a M8N gps from readytoflyquads.com, just as a quick test I plugged them all in and connected it via usb to my mac and got the latest stable qgroundcontrol (2.9.5). On the firmware page there was an error message that said “parameters missing from firmware”, listed a few things and suggested my firmware might be out of date. Can’t see where you can see the current firmware version? QGC offered to download and install “the latest firmware” but again it didn’t say which version that was? Board rebooted after than, gps locked in a minute or two but I still get that message about missing parameters and I can’t find what version I’m on.

Oh the satellite count went to 10^10 (10000000000) after hovering between 4-16 range if the M8N loses lock. Well I think that’s what the red LED is for, rtfq doesn’t have any docs afaik.

These are new for 1.3 Firmware which is still a Release Candidate. You can ignore this if you want to stick with the released Firmware. Otherwise click on the Advanced Checkbox during Firmware Installation and choose Beta.

After more quality assurance this weekend I did a soft release for 1.3 and put it on stable. I will not yet ask users to update, the announcement will go out shortly. The different versions were causing too much pain and we are pretty confident that 1.3.0 is ready to go by now.