Parameters Missing From Firmwaređź‘ŽCOM_DL_LOSS_EN

Hello Everyone,

I know Lorenz said something about missing parameters here but my question is about another missing parameter issue. So, I am trying to follow external position estimation and off-board control tutorials from the by sending position feedback using vicon. When I try to set ATT_EXT_HDG_M and CBR_NO_VISION parameters as stated on those web-pages, I couldn’t find CBRK_NO_VISION parameter anywhere on QGroundControl. So, I tried a firmware update and started seeing the warning message on qgc. But, still no CBRK_NO_VISION parameter. Besides, I have another problem regarding position estimations. My mocap/pose topic and local_position/pose topics are oddly different. At this point, I got confused which parameters to set so that I can have a successful flight on off-board control mode. Thanks in advance.