Lastest PX4 not compatible with latest QGC

I installed the new QGC release (3.0.0), it asked me to upgrade my PX4 firmware to 1.4.1 or later.

After going through the upgrade screen, it still tells me my FW is out of date, and missing some battery parameters. The old version of these parameters are sitting in “default group”

How can I check what firmware I have, so I can let you know if it’s not uploading the right one, or if it is a different issue. I couldn’t find any info in QGC interface or on the SD card telling me what firmware I currently have installed (maybe add a panelto the QGC firmware page that reads out current and latest versions?)

I believe you can find the RC candidate for the new PX4 Pro firmware if you select Advanced/Beta from the list. This will fix these problems. This latest version of the firmware will also show you correct firmware version info when connect in Setup/Summary page.