QGroundControl:HILstar_simulation airframe can't calibrate

Sorry,I have some problem at QGroundControl.
While I follow the steps on the official website (https://pixhawk.org/users/hil), I find out that i cannot calibrate pixhawk’s compass and accelerometer. I try to solve this problem by changing the airframe from HILstar_simulation airframe to standard AERT plane airframe,finally, under this condition it works! But when i connect to X-plane 10 ,realize the radio controller’s cannot send the command to X-plane 10 via Qgroundcontrol. Which means X-plane 10 doesn’t receive any command. Overall, HIL is still functionable, at the meanwhile, the warning keeps telling me ’ GPS fix lost’.

Feedback welcome! Thanks for your advice!

I’m Benson from Taiwan!!!

When using HIL there is no need to calibrate the compass or accel. Also when using HIL plus an RC transmitter, the signal goes from the transmitter to the receiver connected to the pixhawk board and into the firmware. You do need to calibrate your radio control though.

Thanks your advice, Don
But if I don’t calibrate the sensor ,then I can’t calibrate the control mode in QGroundControl
Do I need to calibrate the control mode?
If I need to do that ,How to setup the control mode switching before accel and compass calibrate?
Do you know some guides or steps to make me to know how can do that?
If I no need to do that ,then how can I switch to QGroundConrtol mission mode at the first beginning of a simulation?

“Control Mode”? No idea what that is. What is the exact name from the ui of the Setup button you are talking about.

Don, I think what Benson means is that he cannot set the Flight Mode if the sensors are not calibrated. I have this same problem. What is the workaround?

  1. cannot cal sensors in HIL mode
  2. cannot set Flight mode without calibrating sensors

Almost but not quite a catch 22. We’ll go with catch 21.