Complete Newbie

I hope I’m in the right category. Have finished building the first of two hexacopters, both using Pixhawk 2.4.8 controllers with dual RadioLink SE100 GPS. I am using the fairly friendly FlySky Q X7 transmitter with a FS-A8S receiver. Binding and stick control seem to have gone well. I am at the point now where I need help with final configuration and pre-flight setup. Immediately, QGroundControl keeps telling me “compass calibration failed: mag”, and I have no idea what that means. Accelerator, Level, and other config passed OK. Any help would be great. Kind regards, Gil.

this error happens because you need to calibrate your compass, basically you start the calibration inside qgroundcontrol and then you hold up your drone and try moving and rotating in all axis until its calibrated, it helps if you are away from metal structures, is not wearing ring or watches, and no cellphones near because the electromagnetic waves from them act as interference