"calibration failed: reading sensor" I get this error

Hello everyone, I have a pixhawk from Radiolink. I use the stable version 1.11.3 of PX4 to use it. During the calibration process, I get a “calibration failed: reading sensor” error. I will explain the operations I have done in turn. Could you tell me if you see the problem. This is the pixhawk I use.

  1. I am updating the firmware and installing the stable version.
  1. I go to the Airframe section and choose “Quadrotor X S500 Generic”.

  1. I come to the “Sensor” section and click “Compass” calibration. Then I see this screen and it does not go for a long time. Normally it should have calibration in sequence and it should be green. But I’m waiting for more than a minute. And then it turns itself off. I am getting this warning.

Previously I was getting this error. But surprisingly I didn’t get it this time. I do not know why it happened. But it should be noted that this time I didn’t get that error.

I’m sure the pixhawk is solid, it works when I install ardupilot in it. Calibration can also be done.

Can you tell me why I can’t calibrate and the solution? Thank you

Hello @MBicer, I have the same problem. Do you have any update about it?

Hi @Heba , I am very busy this days, I didn’t have any time for this problem. But now, i come back for continue solve this problem. Also i didnt find any idea or solution for this problem. If you find any solution please write here.